Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Enzyme-Inhibitor Fairy Tale

So, after sending my friend, Mandy, a "teaser" on soaking grains with my usual self-deprecating air of "I'm such a nerd for knowing so much about this," she responded with the following email:

"Cue a little doe-eyed girl at your feet like I am waiting for you to read me a wonderful fairy tale book."

Which prompted the following response that I just couldn't resist posting here:

"The wonderful fairy tale of enzyme-inhibitors? My pleasure.

There once lived a beautiful princess named Phosphorous. Phosphorous lived in nuts, grains, seeds and legumes, and had the magical ability to metabolize protein, calcium, and glucose. Phosphorous could form teeth and bones, and make cells grow. She was also essential to heart muscle contraction and kidney function. But one of her most amazing abilities was helping the body to utilize vitamins in order to assist other body functions to convert food into energy, and maintain the blood's pH.

But one day an evil witch who did not want the nuts, grains, seeds or legumes to start sprouting randomly, locked Phosphorous in a tower called Phytic Acid, from which she could not escape. Some vitamins and minerals that came in contact with this horrible tower would instantly bind to it and be escorted out of the bloodstream. With Phosphorous bound in the tower, what would happen to the people who needed her? They would not be able to absorb vital nutrients, and they might suffer from weight loss, anemia, bone pain, fatigue, irritability, skin sensitivity, irregular breathing and abnormal growth! Oh my!

Her only hope was the handsome prince, Phytase. Phytase had the key to unlock the tower and free Phosphorous from her prison. But the only way Phytase could perform this amazing rescue was for people to release his power by soaking, fermenting or sprouting the nuts, grains, seeds or legumes where Phosphorous lived. But, alas, the people were ignorant of this ancient practice and neglected it."

Thankfully, the story doesn't end here. More and more people are becoming educated on the importance of properly preparing grains for consumption! Some day our "fairy tale" will have its happy ending, where Phosphorous is free to perform her "magical" abilities.

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